Earth Day Nature Suncatchers

Looking for a simple, beautiful and nature-filled craft? Check out our nature sun catchers, perfect for celebrating Earth Day.


All you need is contact paper and nature items (from your backyard or a walk around the neighborhood). If you are unable to leave your home at the moment, we have also made these with bits of paper, recycled materials, sequins, magazine clippings and other items from our craft supplies.


Simply lay the contact paper down on a flat surface (you can tape the edges if it is too difficult to keep it still). We gathered and sprinkled leaves, flower petals and twigs on the contact paper until we were happy with the result. Cover the contact paper with another sheet, this is best done on a flat and smooth surface to avoid wrinkles.


Now you can cut the paper into whatever shape you like. “Frame” it with a paper border or place it on the windows as is!


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